Characters of the Month September '12: Toru Mutou & Ritsuko Kunihiro

Toru Mutou & Ritsuko Kunihiro
from Shiki

Toru Mutou is the best friend of Natsuki Yuuki. They met when Natsuki's bike's tire flattened on his way home, where Toru then helped him fix it. Since then Natsuki began hanging out with Toru in his room.

Ritsuko Kunihiro was a nurse at the Sotoba's Ozaki Clinic. She was shown to have great passion as a nurse since she liked to help sick people become healthy again.

*Spoilers Below*

Toru was shown to be given a driving lesson by Ritsuko, and also asked his bestfriend Natsuki to help him invite Ritsuko to a drive. But the drive didn't happen because Toru became a shiki - beings much like vampires - before he even got to invite Ritsuko.

Ritsuko became a shiki when she was on her way to help her fellow nurse Kiyomi Nagata, wherein she became a victim of two shikis on the roadside, and was found by Sotoba's doctor Toshio Ozaki.

When Ritsuko rose, Toru was the person assigned to help her on her first meal - which was a fellow nurse Yasuyo Hashiguchi. Ritsuko refused, and later on died because of it. Toru was beside her when she died.

Why I chose them?
Because I like them as a couple. And they both tried to not hurt the ones they love. Although Toru failed, he has shown regret in his actions, and Ritsuko's will on not to hurt Yasuyo is admirable.

By the way, sorry that this blog is not updated regularly. I'm trying to have time as much as possible translating - or finding (muhehehe) - songs. With Japanese lessons and design subjects on the way, I get little time to get on hands on the songs.

As most of the songs I translate myself are not really the ED and/or OP of anime, but only included as bonus tracks in the albums, finding the lyrics is not easy (I'm not really at that level yet where I can put to pen Japanese words that I hear).

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