Character of the Month April '13: Kanade Ooe

Kanade Ooe
from Chihayafuru

I don't usually watch sports/game oriented anime, the reason being is that it's not romance oriented. But there are a few times that i watch those kinds of anime, and Chihayafuru happened to be one of the sports/game oriented anime I watched.

And then here comes Kanade Ooe.

She's the first member to join Chihaya and Taichi. She's fond of poetry, and sees karuta not as a competition where competitors have to hear the syllables to be able to determine which card to take, but as different poems with different meanings, each poem in a card related to each other in one way.

She's also the daughter of Reiko Kanade, the owner of a kimono shop. And because of it, whenever they join tournaments, as much as possible they always have to wear traditional clothing.

Why I chose her? Because aside from loving poetry, she's also cute. Maybe it's the twin tails. Or maybe it's the twin tails. No, definitely it's the twin tails.

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