Character of the Month January '13: Himeko Inaba

Himeko Inaba
from Kokoro Connect

It's the first month of the new year, and for January it's Inaban!

She's the vice president of the Cultural Research Club. What I like about her is that she looks cool, but also a little bit clumsy, and especially that part about her where she has difficulty saying what is on her mind.

Though I'm not a fan of Taichi x Inaba couple, since I was kinda rooting for Taichi x Iori.

Why i chose her? She's cool and clumsy. Or maybe because I was too happy to see her again in episodes 14-17.

By the way, maybe everyone already knows, but Kokoro Connect episodes 14-17 were already aired. At first I thought they are going to be released as BD/DVD only copies, but I am happy that they were released earlier.

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