1. We already saw some of the translations here from other sites. Are you copying them?

Yes. But I make sure that any translations I acquired from other sites are cited in the "Lyrics:" on the lower part of the post. If it doesn't have any links, I'm the one who made the translation.

2. Some of the translations are incorrect. Are you a fluent Japanese speaker?

First of all, I'm not Japanese nor am I living in Japan. I am learning Japanese through translating the songs and not via a tutor or learning school. I am well aware of how little my knowledge is and is working on improving my Japanese literacy.
If the translation is not made by me, I usually just copy the whole translation and edit it a little by changing the break lines, so as to fit in my blog's post width.

3. What happened to the 4shared embedded player?

As I said in one of my previous post (or below the header during the time I was searching for a new hosting site), 4shared made it so that you can't play the song unless you have an account on 4shared and is logged in prior to listening. And after a while my search led me to Archive.org, which I found satisfying.

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