Maybe I'll Be Back?

checking from the last post on my blog
it was dated June '13. wow

6 months have passed. and i still have yet to update this. i know anyone who goes here expects translation and stuff, and sure doesn't want to read things like this. but just to let you guys know why i'm.. uhh.. unable to do any translations this past few months.

  • played Divosaga for around 3 months (which in the end, i found pretty repetitive. one of the reasons why i stopped playing MMORPGs, aside from the need for cash)
  • last year in college (yeey~!), and graduation stuff/terminal sem stuff keeps on piling up (thesis, pre-board evaluations, thesis, harder subjects, thesis)
  • internet was unreliable for the late middle months this year (around August to early October) so it was kinda hard to look for translation material (the kanji stuff! kanjiii~!)

but anyway, if by next year my college load loosens up, i'll probably be back.
(had just looked at the comments page and found out i have two requests. it's.. it's.. really touching to find a comment there, and there are TWO! TWO! T~T)
or if not here, i'll be posting translations on my Facebook page. look it up (

anyway, see you guys soon :)

sometimes i wish i could be carefree just like Muromi-san

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